ASUS R510C R510CA R510CC and MAINGEAR PULSE 11 14 detail

Enter 2013, Intel Ultrabook strategy to enter the third stage, after three years of development, the ultra-pole of this performance, functionality and portability has found a good balance, combined with specially launched for the first ultrabook four-generation Core Duo processor, a large number of traditional notebook also began downsizing exercise, ASUS R series, too, launched a S230s.

In addition to the previous IE browser, Office office suite, STORM, Firefox browser and other heterogeneous computing optimized for APU outside the program, in 2013, APU on HSA heterogeneous computing has made improvements, but there are more software developers added to the APU ranks.

ASUS R510C with 4cell ASUS R510C Battery is the second ASUS F550C later, ASUS classic T / X / W three series and an ultra-pole of this, under the flagship portable ASUS R series, is a 12.5-inch product, carried the body thickness than R409 a substantially reduced, more convenient to carry out, then draw a wealth of design experience in the future, R510C actually bring us what surprise? Consider the following detailed evaluation.

GCN architecture is used in the APU, which greatly improves the GPU general computing capabilities and enhance interoperability of GPU and CPU will help the APU in the GPU, no longer a simple process graphic purposes. Originally vector GPU computing power greatly exceeding CPU, but the versatility and the ability to deploy mission as CPU, while the GPU work reasonably assume the CPU, which is the double benefit of a good thing.

Get this machine, because of the first time I have to see the true colors, even I was surprised at PULSE bold, cover the entire body in addition to the lower right corner of the "PULSE" LOGO , but can not see past the black a little shadow. This subversive change necessarily requires a full grasp.

The PULSE 11 with 6cell MAINGEAR PULSE 11 Battery even made a lot of changes, but PULSE classic Trackpoint pointing stick is still preserved. Little Red Riding Hood condensation sophisticated ergonomic design, allowing users in the absence of an external mouse in the case, but also precise control. In the key area on the right side of the border, set up a power button, in addition, the whole key area no longer set any shortcuts.

In fact, AMD's processor is not for games Temash born, positioning in the Tablet PC, hybrid computers and other products used in both to the user's daily needs, but also can run a simple 3D game, DX11 support on Amount can see that. Temash used in such products can effectively reduce the heat from the product, after all, it's TDP is only 8W, but this advantage can also increase the life time of the product itself, this is extremely important, and it is strongly advocated by AMD.

ASUS R510CA with ASUS R510CA Battery shape inherited ASUS classic lunch box design, followed the all-black, compared with R409 light on the top cover removed, and the roof top of the wireless antennas without splicing other materials, the entire roof the use of carbon fiber to create a surface resembling matte finish, looks more simple and capable. In body size, R510C length and width of 305.5mm × 208.5mm, almost two iPad mini area, and R409 or less, but 18.1 ~ 18.3mm thin thickness than R409 nearly 9mm! Coupled with the bare metal weight and 1.6kg 1.285kg travel weight, you can easily put a bag, not too heavy to carry out mobile portability better than R409.

3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and can fully play multiple cards, multi-core processors, which includes two graphics tests, two CPU test items, six characteristics of test items, also joined on artificial intelligence (AI) and physics acceleration specialized tests. 3DMark 11 uses native DirectX 11 engine, the application of the test scenarios, including Tessellation Tessellation, Compute Shader and multithreaded new features, including a large number of DX11. It contains four graphics tests, a physical test and a comprehensive set of tests. Performance (P) of the level, A6-1450 465 gives scores.

However, the distortion products have been in the consumer market has become the hottest products in the commercial market also began to slowly take the heat. ASUS F550C Although in weight, with real tablet rival, but variability brings experience, i7-3687U processor, up to 256G SSD solid state drive, 16GB memory brings speed response is the tablet computer can not communicate with the match.

Continuation of the entire C side B side tone and process, while the whole key area sink design, more concise. PULSE classic keyboard, chocolate style. Symmetrical curved keycaps, X stand and drum-type structure underlying precision design portfolio, feel very comfortable. And for the Windows 8 operating system carefully laid a dedicated shortcut keys, MAINGEAR PULSE 14 Battery the operation more convenient. Meanwhile back-mounted keyboard with integrated design, with two steps of backlight intensity, and set up a dedicated shortcut key indicator backlight adjustment, even the dark can quickly find the key position, bringing a more comfortable feel and precise operation experience.

CineBench use of film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Relative to the previous version R10, R11.5 version last point more potential drain system, accurately reflects the system performance. Tests include two, respectively, for the processor and graphics performance. Currently CineBench does not make for the optimization of heterogeneous computing the APU, so the result is only for reference, but also hope to launch support heterogeneous CineBench future versions. PCMark 7 includes seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of daily application PC. Compared PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7 test environment changed into DX10, have carried out a variety of test software updates, more in line with the current user's environment and habits.

With this release of Windows 8 system, BAPCo also announced a new SYSMark 2012, Pacific notebook channel also the first time to upgrade the test software. SYSMark 2012 still continues to use the 2007 version of the test method - through the actual installation of a variety of office or industrial software and run Demo built to simulate the real use of the environment, and its results are still obtained has a high reference value. Because the old and new test software is currently in the transfer stage, we have not gathered enough contrast SYSMark 2012 can be used to test scores, so the above result is only for your reference.

AMDTemash product filled appearance on the part of the processor to select the blank, although hybrid computer tablets and not for 3D gaming and health, but we are also in the entertainment on the 3D game has a certain demand, although from the test point of view, on the 3D games that the main purpose, Temash the fusion performance on GPU seems not very good, but most small 3D games, it can run perfectly without pressure.

The difference is that with the Ultrabook, although R510CC in appearance looks thick, but equipped with a burner drive it also seems to satisfy a small portion of the user's needs (individual drive has not been used a long time), while the I / O also more than Ultrabook. R510Cc with 4cell ASUS R510CC Battery maximum memory expandable up to 12GB, but can also replace the SSD hybrid drives or high capacity, scalability Ultrabook really flexible than many. Well, it is worth noting that this machine is not equipped with discrete graphics, so you if you are game enthusiasts, please take a detour.